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  • Metrocentre

    DATES: 14th, 15th & 16th June


    Father's Day Pop-Up!


    Please read the FAQ's page before booking your slot.


    Experience the opportunity to feature your products at the U.K's second largest shopping centre, offering you your very own stall to promote and test your products within the mall's bustling environment.


    Price Breakdown


    £250 for all 3-days!


    Here's the price breakdown:

    On Friday through Sunday, the daily rate is £83.




    Address: St. Michaels Wy., Metrocentre, Gateshead NE11 9YG

    Location: Yellow Mall, Exhibition Square


    Please refer to image of the space above.




    As a stallholder, you will be provided with a designated 1.2m x 0.61m stall located at Lower & Upper Yellow Mall, situated outside Primark and The Fragrance Shop. A total of 24 small businesses will be operating each day. This prime location offers excellent visibility and foot traffic, enhancing the exposure of your products to potential customers.


    Our stalls are distinct from traditional marketplace setups. When you choose a Shop Perisa stall, you're not just selling your products; you're stepping into a thriving retail environment. This unique opportunity is perfect for small businesess who want to dip their toes into the retail market without committing to the high costs of operating their own kiosk at a shopping centre. It allows you to test the waters, engage with customers directly, and inspire them to support small businesses like yours. We provide the platform, you bring the charm.




    Throughout the pop-up event, it is imperative that either the brand owner or a representative from your team is present to showcase the items. We have a maximum limit of two staff members permitted behind a single stall.


    Trading Hours


    Monday to Friday: 9am - 9pm

    Saturday: 9am - 7pm

    Sundays: 11am - 5pm


    Card reader


    It is essential that you come prepared with your own card reader to facilitate payment processing for all the items you sell. As a stallholder, you will be responsible for managing all transactions and ensuring a smooth payment experience for your customers. 100% of earning go to you!




    Prior to the pop-up event, you will be granted access to Metrocentre's network.




    You have the option to cancel your order within a 14-day period. However, after this timeframe, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to accept any refund requests. Therefore, it is essential to make a decision within the specified 14-day window if you wish to avail of a refund for your purchase.


    Electrical Outlets


    Traders are not permitted to use any power sockets. Kindly avoid booking if you need access to a plug point for trading.




    Any food sales will adhere to the following: Only pre-packaged goods (in sealed plastic or paper bags) that do not need refrigeration or heating up are permitted.

    No handling of food/food prep on the kiosk.


    Storage Space


    Please be aware that there is no storeroom available for this venue. You can use the designated space under your stall to store stock while trading. However, please note that you will need to take all stock home every night.


    Clothing Items


    We are accepting clothing items however for this venue you will NOT receive a clothing rail. All items must be folded on your stall.




    Due to the nature of the pop-up, we are unable to accept any brands selling alcohol.




    You must sell a phyical product and not a service.




    Please note that, in compliance with the shopping centre regulations, our business is unable to distribute leaflets during the pop-up, and we do not provide a dedicated representative throughout the duration of your booking to advertise Shop Perisa. It is incumbent upon you to take an active role in promoting your stall through your own social media channels, engaging with potential customers, and creating awareness about your pop-up.


    Retail Stalls


    Prior to confirming your booking, it's important to note that you are reserving a stall within a retail setting, distinct from a traditional market environment. Compliance with the centres rules and regulations is mandatory, and any violation may lead to the cancellation of your booking or a request for you to vacate the premises by our staff. We urge you to please read the FAQ's page before booking your slot.


    Before making your purchase, kindly ensure that you comply with the following prerequisites:


    1. Possess a Public Liability Insurance policy with coverage of at least 1 million.

    2. Offer products that fall into the categories of cosmetics, accessories, homeware, or clothing items, and operate from a location within the U.K.

    3. For those intending to sell food-related items, please contact us via email for prior approval before proceeding with the booking.

    4. All products must be able to fit on a 1.2m x 0.61m stall and should be displayed in a non-crowded manner.

    5. Ensure that you or a designated team member will be present to manage your stall for the entire duration of your booking.

    6. Maintain a fully stocked stall throughout the duration of the pop-up event.


    Once you've booked your stall, a member of our team will get in touch with you. If your products are deemed suitable, we'll proceed to finalise your booking. However, if we find that your products are not suitable for our event, we'll issue you a full refund promptly.


    * We reserve the right to cancel your order and issue a refund if your products do not meet the specified criteria or we are oversubscribed with your category of products

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