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Looking to showcase your products within Europe's largest shopping centre? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Book a stall with us today and bring your brand to a vast audience of enthusiastic shoppers. Secure your spot now to reach new heights in retail success!


Our Pop-Up Stalls

Our pop-ups revolve around creating a short-term, immersive, and engaging retail experience that drives customer interest, brand awareness, and sales while providing small businesses with an agile and cost-effective way to explore new markets and connect with customers in a unique way.

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Considering if retail trading aligns with your brand?

Why Pop-Up With Shop Perisa?

Featuring your product in one of our pop-up shops or managing a stall can offer you a world of benefits. We give your brand an opportunity to be seen and let people know about what you can offer. By showcasing your products with us, you will benefit by:​​

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Improved Brand Awareness

Exposing your product to the public in a tangible way. More people are likely to remember your product when they try it live than seeing it in an online advertisement.

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Build a Business Relationship

Allow you to build a relationship with your customer to create return business. You get an incredible opportunity to build brand loyalty.

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Increase in Sales

An increase in your overall sales and revenue not just in immediate sales but also in future residual sales. Drive more traffic to your social media and website, increasing your revenue and leading them through your potential sales funnel that can help generate more sales and awareness.

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How It Works

Do you want to be featured in a Shopping Centre? Let's walk you through the simple process of working with us.


After reading all the information on the Book Your Stall page, select and pay for your desired dates. If your category of products is oversubscribed, complete the Application Form and provide as much detail about your business and why you think your brand has what it takes to sell with Shop Perisa.

step 2

All the bookings and applications will undergo a thorough review. The team will then ask you to fill out some forms to get more information about your products. We will then arrange a phone call to access your suitability to trade with Shop Perisa.

step 3

If we feel your brand is suitable we will give you the good news through email! If we feel your brand is not suitable, at this time, don't worry we will provide you with a full refund.

step 4

Our dedicated contracts team will then draft your stallholder's agreement. Once the agreement is finalised, your booking will be officially confirmed! You'll then be all set and ready for your pop-up dates. Remember, our team is here to support you with any questions you may have along the way!

Where Can You Find Us?

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61 Mosley St, Manchester M2 3HZ

Company Number: 13203183

VAT Reg No: 445 3744 83

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